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iTypingGames.com is a new site where you can learn how to type with fun shooter games. In the beginner levels you can blast aliens by typing single letters, or keyboard groups of letters like qwert or asdf. Things get more difficult in later levels where the words you must type get longer and the aliens attack more frequently. When you mistype a word, you are penalized and the word buffer is cleared out so you have to start again. You can pick any of the aliens that are attacking to blast with your laser. Just type out the word that is above the alien and he goes up in a puff of smoke. If you take too long, the aliens will begin to bomb the city. If the city is completely destroyed you lose the game. Each difficulty has 10 levels to type your way through. If you are new to typing, start out on the beginner level. If you're an old typing pro, you'll find the 'Impossible' level fun and challenging.

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