Typing Tutorial Video

This video introduces you to the proper keyboard positioning and gives you a quick introduction to the typing game "Typing Aliens Attack". When you play this game you can choose from 4 difficulty levels. When you play, aliens with descend with words or a series of letters above them. You must type those words to destroy the aliens. If there is more than one alien on the screen at the same time, you can type the word above any of the aliens to destroy them. If you take too long the alien will drop a fireball on the city below. If the city is destroyed, you lose the game. In the top right of the game screen is the number of aliens you have left to destroy in order to complete the level.

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In the beginner levels you will be attacked by slow moving aliens. At first the aliens will have a single letter above them. You must press that letter key on the keyboard to disintegrate that alien. On the second level in the beginner difficulty, you will be given clusters of letters that appear in a line on the keyboard, such as qwert.

If you play on the intermediate difficulty you will be typing short words of two or three letters with slow moving aliens. You should play intermediate if you know how to type, but are slow and need to increase your typing speed.

If you are pretty good but not great and you need to boost your speed, try advanced. At the advanced difficulty the aliens move faster and the words get longer.

If you are a very good typist and would like to see how good, try impossible. The aliens come fast and furious with long and short words. Aliens become more difficult to read as they spin and shoot across the sky.